About Us

Beads ~ Bali is a specialist division of Indonesia Export.

We’ve been exporting handicrafts, furniture and textiles out of Bali, Java and Lombok since 1995.

Our online catalogue is wholesale only — the minimum order is US$100.00.

If you are interested in buying retail — less than our minimum — please go ahead and drop us a line — we can help.

Apart from the products in our catalogue, we can also help you produce your own designs and source new products and suppliers.

We’re profit-oriented, of course, but we’re also friendly.

All of our staff, suppliers, bead makers, wood bead carvers and silver smiths are paid way beyond the minimum salary for Indonesia.

They all work in decent conditions.

We don’t use child labor.

We don’t use material that has been obtained illegally or without government permit.

Our on-line prices are based on small wholesale orders. We also offer further discounts to customers purchasing larger orders. We’re in business to sell products, and then sell them again (you get the idea).

If you have questions related to our country, or importing and exporting, or whatever… if we can answer them, we happily will — talk to us.

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