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Wholesale Silver Jewelry Prices Go Up

We have no choice but to raise prices across the board on our wholesale silver jewelry.

If any of you have been following silver pricing over the past year, you’ll have found that silver, like gold has risen steadily in value — I guess the precious metals are a safe bet during times of economic instability.

Long story short, silver itself has doubled in value (or more) since this time last year — head over to for the silver history charts if you need more details.

We’re not doubling prices but it’s a fairly steep increase all the same — as much as 20% on certain items.

Like everyone, we’re doing our best to keep prices down.

To see all of our wholesale silver jewelry, click here:

And here are the categories:


Usually, at this point, We  say, “Enjoy” but it doesn’t seem right today.


Sean & Athina

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