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Wholesale Silver Jewelry Sets – New for April from Beads Bali

Elegant .925 sterling silver sets distinguished by the silver ‘lace’ detail applied by hand and soldered onto the solid silver disks — each piece is made by hand, one at a time and is unique. Each set takes hours of careful fingerwork.



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Silver Lace & Mother of Pearl — Matched Set of Earrings, Pendant & Ring inset with Mother of Pearl…

Silver Lace & Red Coral — Matched Set of Earrings, Pendant & Ring inset with Red Coral…

Silver Lace & Turquoise — Matched Set of Earrings, Pendant & Ring inset with Turquoise…

Silver Lace & Black Shell — Matched Set of Earrings, Pendant & Ring inset with Black Shell…

Update: February 28th, 2011 — we have handmade silver jewelry sets in stock — please go to for more details (link opens in a new tag or window).

Jewelry Set Details

Each set comprises a matching solid silver pendant, silver earrings and adjustable silver ring inset with mother of pearl, turquoise, black shell or red coral.

For large volume orders, please contact us directly at

More about Beads Bali Silver Jewelry and Beads

All of our silver jewelry is handmade in Bali and is .925 quality (stamped) sterling silver. Each item is individually weighed and inspected before shipping. We guarantee our products – if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll make arrangements to return the items for full credit. Production time on most orders is two weeks. Shipping is by courier.

More about Mother of Pearl

The use of Mother of Pearl for decoration and jewelry dates as far back as 4000 BC. Traditionally, it is given as the 30th wedding anniversary gift (symbolising love, fidelity and friendship) and is the birthstone of June.



New Products

Children Silver Jewellery From Beads-Bali

ksl-006   ksl-002   ksl-001

ksl-008   ksl-009   ksl-007

Finaly they are finish, first batch of Children Silver Jewellery from Beads-Bali.

Cute design from Ducky, Cat, Butterfly, Leaf, Heart, etc.

Available on Sets of earrings, pendant and necklace,  Pendants with necklace and  Earrings.

All earrings made with close hook so it’s safe and comfortable for our kids.

More design will came.



New Products

Star Signs From Beads-Bali

starsignmixWhat your sign?

Beads-Bali present Star Signs Pendants insert with gemstone from peridot, garnet, topaz and amethyst.

Also available new leather knot necklaces with silver clasp, available in blue, purple, red, light blue and black.

Don’t miss also our New product for March 2009.



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Beads-Bali — Happy New Year 2009 from All of Us

Happy New Year: we hope you had a great holiday season.

Sophie Wishes You a Happy New Year 2009

We probably told you late last year about the birth of our daughter Sophie but if you missed that little bit of news and you have the time, please pop over to Sophie’s website to see the newest, most beautiful jewel in our collection.

Now, Sophie is nearly 4 months old and we are slowly getting back to thinking about business.

With that in mind, we’ve started production on two new categories: Star Signs and Kids’ Jewellery — both lines will focus on pendants & earrings.

We hope to have moved out of the sample stage and into production around mid-February — we will keep you posted. And, in the meantime, if you have any ideas of your own, now is the time to tell us.

Earlier this week, we added more Silver Jewellery Sets, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets & Rings.

If you’re in the UK, please go to:

If you’re in the USA or anywhere else in the world , please go to:

And here are some pictures of our new products:

Finally, we know that 2008 was a tough year all around in terms of sales and the economy but we feel positive about 2009 and we’re ready to work harder and smarter.

Regards (& Happy New Year),

Sophie, Athina & Sophie’s Dad (Best Dad in the Universe)


New Products Silver Bracelets Silver Jewellry

Silver Bracelets… New for January 2009

Here’s a sneak preview of our new silver bracelet models:

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See all the new products at:

Beads~Bali New Products 2009